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Services provided by PP&B

Information for new users

Webserver for the FHI

E-Mail services

  • primary FHI E-Mail service
  • external E-Mail services
    • Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte
    • Albert-Einstein-Institut
    • Max-Planck-Institut für Bildungsforschung


Account managment

  • homemade uadm as basic directory service
    • NIS/YP
    • LDAP
    • Windows User Management

Storage (Fileserver, etc.)

  • NFS
  • SMB (CFIS)

Databases Services & Programming

  • Document Archive (R.Schlögl, AC)
  • CP Document Archive (H.-J.Freund, CP)
  • Account Management
  • Library Catalog Services
  • CP Literature Reference Database (H.-J.Freund, CP)
  • AC Chemikalien Datenbank (R.Schlögl, AC)
  • AC Samplenumber Database (R.Schlögl, AC)
  • Instrument Database (G.Meijer, MP)
  • Telefon Database
  • Seminar & Event Database
  • Room Reservations
  • Tenisplatzreservierungssytem (M.Scheffler, TH)

Desktop System Maintenance

  • AnyDesk
  • Solving hardware or software related problems for PP&B clustered systems

HPC Compute Cluster

Process Controlling, Data Acquisition, Realtime Programming & System Development


Telecomunication Services

Software procurement (Windows,Mac)

  • Microsoft Windows Licences
  • Microsoft Office Licences
  • Special Software

Hardware procurement (Desktop,Printers,..)

  • Selection help

Messaging Service "RocketChat@FHI"

 * https://chat.fhi-berlin.mpg.de 

Time Tracking System / Zeiterfassung

 * In-house development 

Entry Sytem / Zutrittssystem

 * Maintenance and Script development
 * In-house development (coming soon)

Surrey / Umfragen Tool

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