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PP&B provides several services for video conferencing or pre-recorded talks

1.  DFNconf - WebConference

Mit dem Dienst DFNconf bietet der DFN-Verein seinen Nutzern im Wissenschaftsbereich die Möglichkeit, Video-, Audio- und Webkonferenzen durchzuführen. Der Dienst ist auf den Bedarf von Forschung und Lehre zugeschnitten und stellt die zentralen technischen Komponenten bereit, die erforderlich sind.

- DFN conference service login with FHI IDP * DFNConf Webconfrence


- Browser unter Windows,MacOS,Linux
- SIP/H.323 Raumsystem (Client)
- Telefon (Audio)
- Skype for Business
- Mobil mit Smartphone (App Pexip)
- InfoFlyer

2.  Zoom

We offer Zoom rooms via the Indico room booking system.

open our indigo page and select "room reservation" in the top left menu
register with indigo (If you have never used the system before, please create an Indico account.)
choose time and book a room (you will receive the link by mail)

3.  Local PP&B Videoconference-system (Classic)

We provide with our videoconference system (Cisco TelePresence SX20) a easy way to communicate with other colleagues or institutes all over the world. You can connect your laptop for a videoconference presentation in full hd quality (if the others also have a full hd videoconference system). Please write us a mail for a reservation if you plan to use the system.

PP&B Member Paulchen while

System Specifications: System: Cisco TelePresence SX20
Camera: PrecisionHD 1080p HD
Displays: 2x 48inch LCD Displays
Network speed : Gigabit Ethernet

- Quick connect: IP-Adress:
( alt: vor vlan IP-Address:
DNS-Name: vk-temp2.rz-berlin.mpg.de
( alt: DNS-Name: vk-hd.rz-berlin.mpg.de)
Phone Number: +49-30-8413-3252

- Features: Dual Display Multisite Full HD

Manual: Attach:Quick_guide.pdf

4.  Pre-Record Talks

Please see this site https://ppbwiki.fhi.mpg.de/Intern/GreenscreenStudio

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