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1.  Canon ImageRunner Advance C5240i (Department Printers)


Color Duplex,Duplex Color Scan,Fax,

Paper: A4,A3

  • recommended

2.  Configuration OSX & Linux

Under OSX you can use IPP or LPD:


Address: <IP or Hostname>

Queue name: /lpt1/

2.1  with the CUPS Print-server

Protocol: IPP

Address: cups.rz-berlin.mpg.de

Queue name: /printers/Printername

- - example : Queue name for PCCopy would be : /printers/pccopy

Use: other ... (and chose the PPD for the printer)

Example configuration for a printer named copy:

2.2  Canon ImageRunner Advance functions with CUPS Print Server

With the correct PPD (Printer Postscript Description File) you have access to the Printer Features in the "Printer dialog" on a Macintosh System. (OSX 10.10.x and below ). So please choose in the Printing Dialog "Printer features/Finishing 2", to switch between booklet printing or Staple.



Address: <IP or Hostname>

Queue name IPP: /ipp/

Queue name IPPS: /ipps/

3.  Configuration Microsoft Windows

For IPP/IPPS Printing:( select shared printer by name)

Address: http://<IP-Address>:631/ipp/?waitjob=false

For TCP/IP Socket( Add a printer using TCP/IP address or hostname)

Address: <IP or Hostname>

- Or using the LPD(LPR) Port

In the printer properties dialog box, click [Configure Port].

Select LPR in Protocol, enter the print queue name "LP" in LPR Settings ; click [OK].

- or RawPort

In the printer properties dialog box, click [Configure Port] ; select [Raw] in [Protocol] ; click [OK].

Please have also a look here:


4.  Drivers

4.1  Preferred Drivers for Printing:

- Canon ImageRunner Advance 5240i

-- -- --

- Canon ImageRunner Advance 400i

-- -- --

4.2  Fax Drivers:

- Canon ImageRunner Advance 5240i & 400i (if Option is installed on device )


5.  Other Drivers:

-- -- --

Please note 400i only supports OSX 10.10 at this moment. (12/2016)

6.  Printer Manual

C5240i = Large Department Printers

Adv-400i = Office Printers

e-Manuals: (Searchable Manual Website)

-- -- --

7.  PDF Manuals:



8.  Little Canon Printers (Secretary)


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