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Note: This steps are for PPB administrated workstations and PPB administrated laptops with wifi (eduroam), no administrator privileges are required for the printer installation.

If you are self-administrated , please have a look at our guide for non domain clients:


Access from the guest network will not work

Video Guide


print server for "FHI" Domain: "printing.fhi.mpg.de"

Step 1: Press the "Windows + R" Key

Step 2: Insert in the field "\\printing.fhi.mpg.de print server and click "OK"

\\printing.fhi.mpg.de" for the domain FHI

Step 3: Select a preferred Printer with "Right Click"

Step 4: Select "Connect" with an Left mouse click (you can also do an dubble click on the printer to connect"

Step 5: Wait until the driver installation is finished

Step 6: If a message box appears "Do you trust this printer" click on "Install Driver"

Step 7: The printer installation is finished

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