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PP&B standard resource files

There should always be a file .tcshrc in your home directory with the following content:

 source /home/admin/rc/PPB.tcshrc

This file will be executed if you start a new shell.

When we install new software in our cluster we have to change some of these definitions. When all users execute the update script they can use the new software without preparing the rc-files.

Normal user should never edit this file

For private definitons every user can create a resource file in his home directory with name .setup.$USERNAME ($USERNAME has to be replace with the real login name and please do not forget the .(dot)

This file will be executed too during creation of a new shell (and also during login)

Jochen's .tcshrc

Personally I prefer the following content of .tcshrc:

 if ( -e "/home/admin/rc/PPB.tcshrc" ) then
         source /home/admin/rc/PPB.tcshrc
         source $HOME/konfigurationsdateien/tcshrc.csh

This allows me to use the same $HOME on machines adminstered by PP&B and ones where the PP&B file isn't present (i.e. lab-computers). My .setup.$USERNAME script is then simply a symbolic link to $HOME/konfigurationsdateien/tcshrc.csh.

Page last modified on 5. Jan 2005, at 11:10