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Printer use under UNIX

UNIX CLI user help

to print with the commandline use this commands:

 # lpr -P Printerqueuename file

for duplex print:

long edge duplex

 # lpr -o Duplex=DuplexNoTumble -P Printerqueuename file

short edge duplex

 # lpr -o Duplex=DuplexTumble -P Printerqueuename file

staple top left

 # lpr -o Destination=Shift,StapleLocation=UpperLeft  -P Printerqueuename file

to change the default printer:

 # lpoptions -d Printerqueuename

to list printer options:

 #lpoptions -d<printerqueuename> -l

IMPORTANT: You can control the operating status of your printer under http://cups:631/printers.

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